Mofoluwa Amiyan, APN


    Mofoluwa Amiyan, known as Moffie is a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse in General Adult and Child psychiatry, who completed her training in psychiatry from University of Illinois at Chicago, after several years of experience as a psychiatry nurse. She is a member of American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

    Moffie’s goal as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is to help the patients get the best solutions that will make them feel their best. Whether that is psychiatric evaluations and/ or treatments for any mental health problem; her style of giving help is by doing it with lots of care and deep listening and viewing each of her patients as unique individual people. This is important because a successful treatment results from having an understanding on someone’s needs, environment, and circumstance(s).

    Moffie’s hospital affiliation include Hargrove and Garfield Hospitals.

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