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    During our lives we all come across opportunities to seek insightful and informative feedback that may better shape our chosen course of direction. Dr. Napatia Tronshaw-Gettings understands that we are all a product of our collective experiences, biological predispositions, and nurturing process. As a married mother of four, she understands the importance of healthy family relationships and overall mental wellness. Her standard of practice includes a professional and ethical approach ensuring the delivery of healthcare that you as a patient will find enlightening and empowering.

    Dr. Napatia Tronshaw-Gettings began her medical career at the age of 14. While still in high school she assumed a position as a veterinarian’s assistant at The Ashland Animal Hospital on the south side of Chicago. During her high school years at Whitney M. Young she was a member of the National Honor Society and through this organization she began to volunteer at Misericordia Home South. Upon graduating from high school, her natural desire to help others inspired her to obtain her certification as a rehabilitation aide. Once certified, she worked part-time for several years at Misericordia Home caring for children and adults with profound developmental delay.

    During her pursuit of higher education, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from The University of Chicago in 2003. While in college, she tutored children and teenagers receiving mental heath treatment while living in residential treatment at The Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School. She furthered her education and obtained her Doctorate of Medicine from The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine in 2007.

    During her medical school education she made the decision to pursue professional training in the field of Psychiatry. With that goal in mind, she transitioned to the University of Illinois at Chicago and began Psychiatric residency training in the summer of 2007. Following her adult Psychiatry training she pursued a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Fellowship at the UIC Institute of Juvenile Research, which she completed in 2012.

    Dr. Tronshaw-Gettings’s work within the medical field includes juvenile justice, policy, the intersection between educational disabilities and mental health treatment, and state level advocacy. She is currently a member of the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the National Medical Association. As a councilor on the board of the Illinois Psychiatric Society (The Illinois Branch of The American Psychiatric Association) and a member of the Criminal Offender Prevention Committee she consistently makes efforts to improve policy and laws designed to protect the rights of patients. She holds double board certifications by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

    Dr. Tronshaw-Gettings has provided treatment to patients at a variety of hospital and non-hospital settings in the Chicago area including The University of Chicago Hospitals, University of Illinois at Chicago Hospitals, Northshore Hospital Systems, Edwards Hospital, Macneal Hospital, Roseland Community Hospital, and The Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. In addition she has practiced in Orland Park, Illinois in the private practice setting since 2011. She is currently the President and Medical Director of The Full Circle Alliance Inc., a private practice in Orland Park providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults.

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