Who We Are and What We Do

The Full Circle Alliance is a private practice comprised of two licensed clinical professional counselors and one licensed adult and child psychiatrist. Erica Ray, Jennifer Galle, and Napatia Gettings provide a wide range of services that include but are not limited to mental health evaluations, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, parent management training, anger management, and medication management.

Seeking a mental health provider can at times be wrought with uncertainty and apprehension. Our mission at The Full Circle Alliance is to provide a treatment environment that is supportive, enlightening, and empowering; most of all, one that lends itself to everlasting life changes for the better.

The treatment providers at The Full Circle Alliance are all originally from the Chicago land area. Their cumulative clinical experience is well over 20 years. Unique to their training is their collective past dedication to the treatment of children within the department of children and family services. Jennifer Galle and Erica Ray both spent many years serving as in home therapists while treating children and families through Illinois Mentor. Dr. Gettings trained at the Institute of Juvenile Research at UIC and provided psychiatric treatment to many children within the foster care system. This unique experience has brought them together to embark on a mission that will ultimately help individuals and families obtain superior clinical services and prevent the negative outcomes of dysfunctional family dynamics.

The Full Circle Alliance prides itself on a collaborative approach to treatment that includes the combined treatment of both psychiatric and therapeutic services in one location. Dr. Napatia Gettings’ primary role at The Full Circle Alliance is the provision of psychiatric evaluations and medication management when necessary. Jennifer Galle and Erica Ray provide therapeutic expertise through diagnosis, treatment planning, and restitution of mental wellness through a vast array of therapeutic services. Together the three of them make the Full Circle Alliance.

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